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Dockakrobater i tv cirkus


Anglia Television filmed at the Hippodrome in the s when animal acts were still all the rage. The British invented circus in and Great Yarmouth Hippodrome is the only surviving example of a purpose built circus building built for circus.

Are we going to run a night club. Well let's have a go at this circus thing.

Cirkus, the video-on-demand service offering...

We didn't really know anything about it. It wasn't my thing at all. I wasn't a fan.

#lineofduty series 3 and 4...

I'd only ever been here once and it wasn't great. So I thought let's have a Dockakrobater i tv cirkus at it and maybe we can change it. Fast forward nearly 40 years and we're still trying to sort it out. In bygone days horses swam through the water - there were even crocodiles - and the audience dived for sixpences. You can watch Natalie Gray's film Dockakrobater i tv cirkus the Hippodrome here. There's been a circus in Great Yarmouth since July 20th - and the crowds still come.

The building may look the same but the acts have certainly changed. In those days of course circuses were one of the few places you'd see exotic animals. Sixties rock star Peter Jay has run the Hippodrome for nearly 40 years.

He was drummer and leader of the band The Jay Walkers. His youngest son Jack is the host - in the old days he'd have been the ringmaster. The Hippodrome can flood the ring with 70, gallons of water to put on different displays. Last updated Fri 17 Aug Share Tweet Plus Reddit.

ITV has taken a majority stake in Cirkus, the best-of-British on-demand service. The UK broadcaster was already a minority shareholder, but.

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Cirkus' SVOD service, which includes content from ITV, BBC, All3Media and others, will be available to viewers via cable, IPTV, and connected. Sirkus (lit. Circus) is a Philippine television drama fantasy series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Zig Dulay, it stars Mikoy Morales and Mikee.

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