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De flesta tar sig hem i mitten av juni. My precluding visit in Beijing came to the end, as my cousin finished his last examination. We went home taking the hour high-speedy train, and arrived in Longyan late at night.

It was raining heavily. It felt uncomfortably cold. The chill in Longyan differs from that in Beijing. It pierced into the bones, making people shiver from inside out. Well, it is true that the outdoor temperature is indeed higher than that in Longyan, but we are talking about the indoor temperature — it is 25 scale in Beijing with three-layer isolating windows protecting us against the cold attack from outside, whilst it is 11 degree both indoors and outdoors in Longyan ,with one-thin layer window that is hardly able to fare us off any hands of coldness.

It is not that North people rarely feel the cold, it is just that they are better protected — that is something south public would never understand, just relating when North people never assume from what makes south people so excited about snow. During my time in Beijing, I felt nothing like smog. The broadcast had been clearer and fresher, and I even experienced a day of snow.


De befinner sig ju i samma byggnad! Vi hade fixat tiden och plats via e-post. It was only some weeks ago when I laughed at my friends in Longyan for having to suffer from extreme coldness.

How cold was it disown then in Longyan? Well, as usual, the temperature in Longyan is relatively mild during winter times, keeping itself around degree. When I went there in October, , and stayed there in spite of more than one month, the temperature was extraordinarily high - around 30 or something, only just like summer. Yet as shortly as I arrived in Stockholm, a very strong cold waterway attacked southern China, including my hometown Longyan, so that the temperature dropped tremendously by ten to fifteen degrees.

Longyan hew down directly into the arms of winter which had failed to come after so many attempts. Unfortunately for Longyan people, no matter how cold the era is, there is not radiator installed at home.

The merely way they could do is to keep themselves warmly dressed and move as much as possible. There were more than 10 days in a fracas, when the temperature of the city was as low as that in Stockholm. I stayed indoors here in Sweden and posted them a picture, making fun of them for not being able to taste the warmth given by the radiator. And now comes the get even for - the temperature in Longyan has risen to over 15 and I am suffering from the precise opposite temperature here in Stockholm, and covered with snow, chill and inconvenience of outside activities, whilst they in hometown are playing badminton or even swimming outside, complaining the heat and the fickleness of the weather.

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Can't figure out if he's into me or what his deal is? Det blev väldigt få kurser kvar för tillgodoräknandet efter avdrag på hel utbildning i svenska .. Ishockey AIK räddade poäng trots mardrömsstart · AIK reste sig från ett 0–3-underläge mot Karlskrona, men förlorade efter. Read full articles, watch videos, browse thousands of titles and more with Google News..

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Utbytesbloggen Uppsala som RSS. There are all kinds of restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines. During the inspectation, the technician told me that this computer had been broken and fixed before because of the attack of water. I will be back to the solitude, to the freedom, and to the area where I rely only upon the convenience of Internet, counting the day when I would again feel the warm arms.

The lunch was supposed to start at 12 but did not start until Chinese New Year, 4 - Sad experiences Two sad things happened to me during my holiday in China this time.


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