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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. There's a set of Instructions tbat came down bom Ml. I will tell you what he - says. He spoke of "vague references to orders from above as to what Is right and what Is wrong. We don't do II in God's name. Social Security office, said Thursday: Boise received ISO claims In the past week - compared to the normal Congress this week adopted rcsglu- tions opposing any immediate action to penalize early retirees, however.

New applications for disability and flthertypesiirSbdal-Sccurlty benefits also Increased. Diana Duggcr, operations supervisor, said. However, he said the courts may opt to go to counties for The Board of Corrections "Det lutar at operation for kallur" continue the.

Congressional Opposition Is mount- ing, however. House and Senate have adopted resolutions calling for a study of other solutions to have to retire earty rcaisons.

The program elimination has no effect on the department's pre- sentence Investigation program for felony offenders. The program's elimination will "reduce the Information a Judge has at the tlmeol sentencing. Slovcr, WhohaSwofked at the office for eight years, and Dale.

Atkinson, who has five years' experience. The remaining burden will be plclfed up by the parole officers, but those employers are-alrcady supervising. It will be "Det lutar at operation for kallur" time prablons. The winner Is a model and modeling Instructor who likes dancing; reading and cooking and listed evangelist Billy Graham on a background sheet as the greatest person in he world today.

She receives prizes and cash worth Det lutar at operation for kallur. Firelighters managed to keep a secondary blaze from spreading to a nearby storage facility contain- ing enough highly volatile fertilizer "to blow this town up,"offlclalssflld. Witnesses reported hearing "a big boom" and said -thee. OPEC's largest producer and America's principal foreign oil supplier, has been producing a record Suspects heU fh double rape.

Under state law, one of the youths, a ycar old. Half anhour later, Blackwood lay In the twisted wreckage of a second plane less than a mile from the same airport.

Blackwood's two ill-fated attempts to get off the ground began Wednes- day morning at a North Little Rock airport wtien he climbed into the cockpit of a. Beechccalt Baron belonging to anothec local gis company. The plane plunged toward nearby Camp Robinson, brushed a tree and crashed In a narrow ravine in a thickly wooded "area: Jcrry Falweli said Thursday in Boise.

Mn ralMa]i and- elevision-evangeilst'"sald the. Bible creates two rotes for the church — being the "light of the worid" by advocating moral goodness and being the "salt of the earth" by influencing politics. J "We believe America can be strong land-good,-" Falwell said whcn asked - how his support!

We can be strong and good It's necessary to protect us from bad people. Jerrv Falwell was In Boise for a rally Thursday opposition to Det lutar at operation for kallur drugs. Although he receives from to threats each week and counter- demonstrators frequently attend his rallies, Falwell said he had to "keep going, keep doing, keep saying. I'tie moon Is moving toward its last quarter.

Strong gusty westerly winds 25 to mph at times -today. The pollen count Thursday was 3S per cubic meter. Camas Prairie, Halley, Wood Rivervalleiy: Partly c loudy through Saturday "With faltered showers today. Highs S5 to 60 today and 60 to 65 Sattirday. Low s in the 30s. Nortbern Utah and Nevada: Partly sunny and wanner today and Saturday with a few showers near the mountains in Utah.

Highs will be near 70 with. A gust was Det lutar at operation for kallur at 46 mph at Burley shortly aftcrSa. Ralpfall amounts were heaviest above by the first of the week. Spraying conditions will be area. Some short-lived fog was fair to poor with winds 10 to 20 mph also reported from the with higher gusts In the afternoon, soi itheastem t art of th e state.

Ma ximum soli temperature today Temperatures cooled sharpb' under the dense, clotxl cover with. The ' warmest was 70 at Caldwell, while the coolest In the. Condi- tions for plant emergence and growth will improve as tempera. Elsewhere in the nation Tliursday, the warmest tempera- ture was 97 at Presidle, Texas, and the. The money isn't there right now! The plan would take effect Jan. None of those conditions requires penalties for early retirement. Earlier in the day. I believe we are beginning a lbng serles of fights over the next four years.

Y tn r w in- nothavetomakeasinglecut. Cohen, who helped draft the original Social Security Act during the Rposevclt administration.

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I believe we are beginning a long scries of flehts over the next four yeors. Thi s isjaunchlng us separately but lethal when combined on the batttericld. The recommendation came In a fund.

Williams, appearing before the- Senate subcommittee last 'Aug. But Sunda y's' race in Indiana won't be the only racing aoInQ on. Young has a hot Camaro and Is a top competitor In hobby stock class race's this summer. Thi o v lead to either more leniency Det lutar at operation for kallur stiffer sentences, but 'notoriraireauitabie basis.

Other judges contend that without pre-sentence Jnvestigators they,simply cannot do their-job. It Is Inconceivable that Idahoans will stand still for— a- weakened judiciary in a time when crime and court caseloads continue to mount. Idaho should have a law on Us books that makes itm "Det lutar at operation for kallur" to threaten the governor or other elected state officials.

John Evaos' son in Burley. Thanks to the quick and heads-up action of Cassia County law enforcement officials, the attempt was foiled in progress and arrests have been made. In the aftermath of that attempt, it became known, that state law enforcement officials might' have prosecuted individuals in other threats against the governor had a toiigh law been in force.

P roposed legtslation is expected to b e introduced t Januan ' " next January. The system Is going broke. Successive Congresses have overloaded Social, Security with outlays beyond; a ctuarial ca lcula tions; and thou gh "Social security taxes have been in- creased to a' point of rebellion, even, these taxes are not enough.

Today's child has a life expectancy of 74 years. Congress has two options, or perhaps a combination of both. The first is to increase income: Neither option is painless. Every covered worker now pays 6. His, employer pays the same amount. Ten " years hence the rate is to go to 7. Social Security ' taxes now arc greater, thian income taxes.

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Det lutar at operation for kallur Another effect would be to convert Social Security into Just plain public welfare.

Some of the adminlstra- under 45 piircha. Persons now over 45 ccive 80 percent of Uie benefits he would have received by waiting until -age Reagan would reduce that to 55 percent, starting In This Is -too much, -too soon, irsuch a cutback - - were made applicable o workers now 50 or younger, a more reasonable time would be provided in which retire- ment plans could be revised.

A better approach, as 1 sec it, might would remain in the present Social Security system. Twenty years hence, when the undcr bond buyers reached retirement. Robertson's proposal is the first of its kind I hnvc seen from a.

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Precisely settle for other reforms that will: Haeworth accomplish Det lutar at operation for kallur e sam e end. Maybe he felt he couldn't.

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