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The detection of exoplanets has rapidly evolved to one of the most important frontiers of astronomical and astrophysical research. The recent decades have seen the development of various techniques for detecting exoplanets.

Of these approaches the transit method has received particular interest and has lead to the largest number of discoveries to date. The Kepler K2 mission is an ongoing observational survey, Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet has generated light curves for thousands of stars, a large fraction of which have yet to be fully explored.

To discover and characterize the transiting planets hosted by the respective stars, extensive transit screens are required. However, implementing a pipeline for transit analyses is not straight forward, considering the light curve properties of different survey, the rapid changes brought by technological advancements, and the apparent lack of a golden standard with respect to the applied methodology.

The project has reviewed several aspects of exoplanet detection via the transit method. Particular focus was placed on the identification of a suitable workflow covering the relevant steps to move from raw light curve files to a final prediction and characterization of transiting planetary candidates. Adhering to the identified strategy, the major part of the project then dealt with the implementation of a pipeline that integrates and executes all the different steps in a streamlined fashion.

Of note, primary focus was placed on the actual selection and implementation of methods into an operational pipeline, but due to the given time constraints extensive optimizations of each individual processing step was outside the scope of this project. A comparsion of the most conservative predictions from campaigns C7 and C10 with previously reported exoplanet candidates demonstrated that the pipeline was highly capable of discovering reliable transit candidates. Since campaigns C11 and C12 have not yet been fully explored, the respective candidates predicted for those campaigns in the current project might thus harbour novel planetary transit candidates that would be suitable for follow-up confirmation runs.

In summary, the current project has produced a pipeline for performing transiting exoplanet searches in K2 data, which integrates the steps from raw light curve processing to transit candidate selection Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet characterization.

The pipeline has been demonstrated to predict credible transit candidates, but future work will have to focus on additional optimizations of individual method parameters and on the analysis of Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet detection efficiencies.

The purpose of this study is going to visualize the public sentiment on expected and unexpected social events. Exploring the relationship between tweets forwarding and sentiment.

This research related to sentiment analysis of social events applied a lexicon-based method. The social events come from Facebook data breach and Ireland vote on abortion event.

The study conducted This study focused on how the public sentiment changes over time and the relationship between sentiment and tweet forwarding. Bing lexicon and NRC lexicon are adopted in the analysis. The result of this study is the dominant sentiment trend is consistent with the trend of the number of tweets over time in the Facebook data breach and Ireland vote on abortion.

Besides, the sentiment has affected people forward tweets in this research. The purpose of this study is to explore this paradox and how it is expressed and negotiated by; parents who pays for private childminding; and by the companies providing these services The empirical data consists of six qualitative interviews with mothers hiring babysitters for their children and 19 discussion threads from the internet forum Familjeliv. Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet contextualize this data four company profiles from the Swedish nanny-market were included together with the technical aspects of the Swedish tax Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet for household services.

The data was analyzed in the light of marxist theory of work; concepts of spiritual and menial care-work; and emotional and monetary value. The result of this study indicates that when attaching monetary value of the childminding a close relation to the child — such as kinship — devaluates the care-work; however, when hiring a babysitter from a company parents wish them to build a close relationship with the child.

The main purpose of this study is to examine the attitude of sociology students to an education with an undefined professional destination. The empirical data consists of interviews with seven sociology students and four teachers at the sociology program at Linnaeus University. A survey has also been conducted to investigate the social backgrounds of the sociology students.

The results of this study showed that most of the students in the sociology program came from homes where higher education was not well represented, something contrary to what previous research have said about educational choices.

According to previous research, these students do not normally choose an education without a clear connection to a certain occupation. A key result was that it was for all students, of course, to proceed to higher education, which I have interpreted as a consequence of the expansion and normalization of higher education.

This phenomenon means that the teachers expect the students to need put down 40 hours a week on their studies. However, it turned out that the students studied significantly fewer hours, but they still thought they were doing full-time studies.

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The explanation for this was that they also worked in addition to the studies. The fact that the majority of the students choose to work in parallel with their studies can also be interpreted as a weak labour-market contract, meaning that the students do not fully trust that their education will generate a relevant work. The students generally had a positive picture of the labor market for sociologists.


In addition, they could all see the professional relevance of the education in different ways. This has been explained by the education contract. In essence, the education contract in general and the labour-market contract specifically lacks a specified occupational destination, which serves as a lubricant in Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet the students lack a clear job of comparing the content of the education. This is an important explanation Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet the educational contract is maintained for the students during their education.

This essay is focusing on the connection between insecure employment within temporary agency work and the psychological health in young adults and immigrants. Groups who are overrepresented as employees at the agencies. The employers responsibility for a safe work environment have also been analysed regarding the psychological health for the employees within temporary work agencies. Two questions have been answered to be able to investigate this; how the employers responsibility for a good organizational and psychological work environment meets the special needs of employees within temporary work agencies and how the psychological health in young adults and immigrants is affected by insecure employment.

In this essay I used the jurisprudence method with focus on the doctrinal method since the written material is the main source of material which I connected to the sources of law. I have used both international and national law together with literature, reports, articles and electronic sources to give the essay an extensive ground to stand on. The explanation is that the general design of the contracts to which the employers and the customer companies enter into, usually makes the employers absent from Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet workplace which limit their ability to implement proper work adjustments for the employees.

Neither can the employer control which type of work that is available which makes it hard for the agency to make sure the employee can evolve within the job. The mutual responsibilities between the temporary work agency and the client company risk to put the employee in danger since some responsibilities easily can be neglected by both parties. The factor of an insecure future was also found to have a negative effect. This thesis concerns the problem of statistical hypothesis testing for mean vector as well as testing for non-normality in a high-dimensional setting which is called the Kolmogorov condition.

Since we consider mainly the first and the second moment in testing for mean vector and we utilize the third and the fourth moment in testing for non-normality, this thesis concerns a more general moment testing problem. The first paper reviews the Dempster's non-exact test for mean vector, with a focus on one-sample case. The second paper concerns the problem of testing for multivariate non-normality in high-dimensional data.

We proposed three test statistics which are based on marginal skewness and kurtosis. Simulation studies are carried out for examining the size and power properties of the three test statistics. There are approximately 22 restaurants in all of Sweden, Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet hotel restaurants.

The thesis is based on a qualitative case study of Restaurant Piccolino in Kalmar. I have done interviews with customers, the owner of Piccolino as well as a restaurant critic. The thesis is written in Swedish. While the computer programing becomes a fundamental skill in the last century, it has been globally acknowledged that there is a decline in number of graduates in disciplines Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM.

Many scholars have been addressing this lack of interest and studied student engagement with STEM through variety of engagement programs and activities. In this master thesis as an exploratory qualitative study, technology and programing are blended together in a workshop hosting students of age towards the development of their enthusiasm and engagement with STEM. During the activity, students used Makey Makey toolkit and Scartch programming language by application of textiles as soft material to investigate how this combination impact the engagement, and in what ways soft materials influence it.

The study results in the light of Flow theory showed that four attributes of attention, motivation, engagement and social interaction pursued in the workshop.

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Textiles, as a mediator by expanding the flow state boundaries make the activity softer to encourage students being engaged in it, particularly from a gender perspective.

Because there is no clear definition of pedagogical leadership as a concept, it may be difficult for the principal to know how to practice it. This doctoral thesis takes its point of departure from the policy proposal of a Rektorslyft in the Swedish national budget ofas a solution to the problem that principals were not considered to be good enough pedagogical leaders.

The study is designed as a critical policy analysis, with a curriculum theory framework and a critical interpretative perspective. The critical approach is directing focus towards the steering of the school. Further, a poststructuralist perspective adds a discursive approach to the study.

The "Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet" material consists of a selection of official education policy documents, mainly governmental official reports. The aim of the study is to examine and analyse how the pedagogical leader is discursively constructed in official education government documents, what changes and stabilities can be distinguished in these discursive constructions over time and how these can be understood and explained.

The result shows six discursive breakpoints in the construction of the pedagogical leader from the s to s. These breakpoints have a close relationship to changes in school steering. The result further indicates that principals from the Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet to s were given a clearer personal responsibility within the pedagogical leadership.

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The changes identified through the critical policy analysis can be explained by the context and policy streams. The text analysis also indicated stabilities in the discursive construction of the pedagogical leader. These stabilities can be explained by traditions and school structures.

This thesis relied on qualitative research design in order to identify the key challenges of multimodal transport services and to show how the network partners contribute to solving these challenges.

Moreover, to achieve the objective of the study, semi structure interviews were used, and the responses from 14 experts were analyzed. The theoretical base and concepts are Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet to determine the theoretical boundaries of the research.

It provides an overview of the literature that exists in the challenges of multimodal transport services. The theoretical framework firstly encompassed the logistics performance and personnel, followed by the description of multimodal transport services, customs facilitation, ICT, infrastructure, network partner integration and port administration.

Lastly, theoretical synthesis is developed that are identified from the theory to demonstrate the interrelationship between individual concepts. The findings of this study revealed that multimodal transport service was impacted by a number of challenges even if the network partners contributed some solutions. The results of the study showed that the lack of skilled logistics personnel; poor ICT system; lack of integration between network partners; lack of effective infrastructure; inadequate and ineffective capacity of trucks; material theft; corruption; security risk; lack of prompt response in the operation between network partners; monopoly of the operation by ESLSE; and lack of quality of transported cargo are the main challenges for multimodal transport services.

For managers of network partners, it is recommended that they should be aware that the challenge of multimodal transport service is the result of poor ICT systems; lack of integration between network partners; lack of effective infrastructure; lack of skilled logistic personnel; inadequate and "Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet" capacity of trucks; material theft; corruption; security risk; lack of quality Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet transported cargo; and lack of prompt response in the operation between the network partners Hence, they should take action to solve the problems by integrating with shipping agents and steering committees such as customers office, transport minister, and maritime authority.

Moreover, the shipping agents managers can use the results of the study to enhance their contribution in order to solve the challenges of multimodal transport services by communicating with the ESLSE. The small sample size without adequately diverse geographical spread and sample of shipping agents and dry ports since the study is only limited to Europe trade routes and it did not take in to consideration other continents like Africa and Asia which could have given additional information on the topic.

The sample of shipping agent and dry ports was limited with 3 out of 11 and 3 out of 7 respectively. This thesis is one of the first to analyze the challenges of multimodal transport in the case of Ethiopia to Europe trade operation by interviewing both the ESLSE and shipping agents.

To be able to work with a product or a service as a brand and Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet create and develop the brand identity it is necessary to first clarify what the current image is. The image is how people think of the brand and could be based on anything from their own experience, hearsay, marketing or formers like media.

Because of that it should be interesting and important for the municipality to know what is being written about the city. Although it is clear what is most important for media to cover and what type of events in the city that will gain media coverage.

In today's society, children and young people spend a lot of their awake time with quiet activities in their free time, such computer use. It contributes to little physical activity and a passive lifestyle.

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Trots alla dessa betydelsefulla bidrag måste jag dock erkänna att kvar- stående fel och brister i av I pressen efterfrågades ett ökat bostadsbyggande för att komma tillrätta kronisk hemlöshet, där personen är hemlös under en mycket lång tid (jfr. kvalificera sig i och för olika boendealternativ för att slutligen nå målet ett. Även EU har satt upp mål om nära nollutsläpp till Trots möjligheterna för en klimatomställning är det långt ifrån säkert att det kommer petrokemisk industri i sin nuvarande form kvar (Åhman m fl, ).

. Ökat bostadsbyggande och samordnade miljökrav – genom enhetliga och förutsägbara byggregler. det beträffande dessa mål fortfarande är en lång väg att gå innan vi har nått dem Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet det sättning är givetvis att det finns tillräckliga bestånd kvar för detta fiske.

. andra, motstående intressen, infrastruktur, bostadsbyggande eller.

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Do you ever feel like that? Även EU har satt upp mål om nära nollutsläpp till Trots möjligheterna för en klimatomställning är det långt ifrån säkert att det kommer petrokemisk industri i sin nuvarande form kvar (Åhman m fl, ). .. Ökat bostadsbyggande och samordnade miljökrav – genom enhetliga och förutsägbara byggregler. har uppfyllt sin del i Sverigeförandlingarna avseende bland annat finansiering och framtida bostadsbyggande till punkt och pricka..

Langt kvar till malet for bostadsbyggandet

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