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Suu kyi domd till husarrest


I meldingen sier hun:. There is a very important matter I would like to discuss with you. I am the president of this center and we have three important responsibilities:. We support the families of these prisoners both financially — if they require financial aid — and spiritually.

This center is very well known and credible in Iran. Two days ago the government of Iran announced that this center is illegal and provided we continue our activities, they shall arrest us. Of Suu kyi domd till husarrest me and the other members of the center do not intend to shut down the center and we shall continue our activities. However, there is a high possibility that that they will arrest us. Therefore, I kindly request that you broadcast this message by all means and gather spiritual support for our center.

This center has been established and working for more than four years now. I believe this decision of the government has been triggered by my memoir being published. In any case, I am happy that my memoir has been published, for the truth must be told. If Ebadi is threatened for defending human rights, then no one who works for human rights can feel safe from government prosecution.

Publications The following four books have been published: Two other "Suu kyi domd till husarrest" of Persian and Pashtu short stories are being published.

Burmas oppositionsledare Aung San Suu...

A brochure on Afghan PEN and freedom of expression have been published in copies. It has 5 rooms, and is located near the university.

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Youth writers hold their own regular book reading, poetry recital, short story reading and critique. Literary workshops are held two days a week. Literary Workshops and Conferences Poetry techniques and short story techniques workshop was held for one month with participation of 27 youths. Literature against violence conference was held for one day, with participation of writers and journalists at the Keshmeshak restaurant.

The participants discussed about the role of literature in conflict resolution and it was agreed that in the near future a group of writers and singers will go to the provinces and hold literary functions to speak against the culture of violence. Poets read their poems for children. An other grand function was held for appreciation to the Suu kyi domd till husarrest ghazals king Pir mohamad Karwan. Karwan is the most effective poet of Pashtu language.

Literary events in the hourse: In June and July to date, the Afghan PEN has held 41 events poetry recitals, short story reading, literary criticism, satire, and music programmes. There is a small event in the house almost every day. The amount will be given by Negisa foundation. This will also be paid by Negisa foundation.

Defence of freedom of expression Balkh TV journalists had problem of censorship imposed by government officials. Samay Hamed, Shafiq Payam, and Najib Roshan went to the province and had a meeting with the governor. The problem has been solved now. Essa Behsham a poet living in Baghlan province had written something on religious issues that had outraged the mullahs there. Samay Hamed had a meeting with Baghlan governor and he expressed his commitment to help the writer who Suu kyi domd till husarrest now gone back to his city after escaping away for sometime.

Some writers came to the Afghan PEN complaining about censorship in that city. Representative of the Afghan PEN met with the writers and the government officials there. They all promised to protect freedom of expression. Mellom 6 og 21 juni oppholdt jeg meg i Istanbul, og var til stede under tilsammen 9 rettsaker.

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I ingen av tilfellene ble det utstedt fellende dommer. Som professor Murat Belge uttrykte saken: Da vi kom ut i korridorene hadde situasjonen forverret seg. Skrem dem, men skad dem ikke. Mange av oss hadde ikke kommet inn i rettslokalet. Det var en meget spent og trykket stemning utenfor rettslokalene i Besiktas. Etter en evighet slapp vi inn, og etter en ny evig lang gjennomgang av saken falt dommen og det gikk et sukk av lettelse gjennom rettsalen.

Som vanlig i slike saker var de anklagete gjemt bak en mur av uniformer. Pinar selv var ikke til stede. Samme dag ble professor Murat Belge frikjent. Dette betyr at saken fremdeles befinner seg i innledningsfasen!

Daumier hadde elsket disse to! Idag gjelder det to saker mot Ragip Zarakolu. Den andre Suu kyi domd till husarrest gjelder en dagbok skrevet av den armenske legen Garabet Hacaryan. Her har vi to artikler som overlapper hverandre. Artikkel og En vanlig sikkerhetsforanstaltning i Tyrkia. I min forrige rapport konstaterte jeg at en tydelig tendens til et strammere og mer agressivt samfundsklima gjorde seg gjeldende.

The Writers in Prison Committee of Norwegian PEN is seriously concerned about the detention of Internet writer Guo Qizhen, who has reportedly been held since 12 May on subversion charges for his critical writings and pro-democracy activities. Guo is said to be in poor health and held without access to adequate care.

His arrest appears to be linked to his participation in a rotating hunger strike which "Suu kyi domd till husarrest" been taking place by pro-democracy activists since 4 February to protest against human rights violations in China. The charges are believed to be based on his anti-government articles published online on overseas websites. Guo is currently held incommunicado without access to his family, at Cangzhou detention centre No.

Sosiolog og fredsaktivist Pinar Selek ble 8. The International Freedom of Expression Exchange IFEX is a global network of 72 national, regional, and international freedom of expression organisations. The IFEX-TMG is concerned that the situation of freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of association and associated human rights issues remain far below international norms and conventions to which Tunisia is a signatory, despite Tunisian government assertions "Suu kyi domd till husarrest" the contrary.

Suu kyi domd till husarrest immediate release of prisoner of opinion Mohammed Abbou and many others who remain imprisoned for their religious and political beliefs. The Tunisian government to stop censoring books and blocking websites and Internet communication. In the report we have noted our concern with the deteriorating conditions of freedom of expression and related human rights issues in Tunisia, particularly regarding independent organisationsand the imprisonment of the human rights lawyer, Mohammed Abbou, for voicing his opinion in articles posted on the Internet.

Five months after the WSIS, violations of freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of association and other basic human rights are still rampant. We thus urge the Tunisian government to take very seriously the recommendations we are making in this report to demonstrate its real and immediate intent to remove any obstacles confronting Tunisian citizens from enjoying their inherent human rights, as stipulated in international agreements to which Tunisia is a signatory.

During the latest mission, members of the TMG met with public officials and members of the opposition, government supported organisations, independent civil society organisations, the bar association, lawyers, judges, human rights defenders, and journalists. TMG members welcome the dialogue with government representatives, in which we can engage—and will continue to engage—in an open exchange of views. Despite the fact that the IFEX-TMG welcomed the minor improvements that have been made since WSIS II, such as the release of scores of political prisoners in February, serious concerns remain with regards to other unfulfilled obligations incumbent upon the Tunisian government.

But many, including high-ranking UN officials, thought that the decision to hold WSIS II in Tunis would prompt the Tunisian government to improve its poor human rights record and to loosen its grip on the media and the Internet. never

Unfortunately such expectations were not met. The international community must hold Tunisian authorities accountable to their international obligations. We, in particular, recommended the release of Hamadi Jebali, editor of the weekly publication Al Fajr and hundreds of prisoners like him held for their religious and political beliefs and who never advocated or used violence. We also recommended the release of the six cyber dissidents known as the Youth of Zarzis who, following unfair trials, had been sentenced to heavy prison terms allegedly for using the Internet to prepare to commit terrorist acts.

We hereby acknowledge the release of Hamadi Jebali Suu kyi domd till husarrest the Youth of Zarzis, but we are seriously concerned with the continual harassment they face. In a phone interview with Hamadi Jebali, he confirmed that he still faces serious harassments. Plain clothes political police are constantly monitoring him and his family and systematically harassing anyone he contacts.

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On 7 June, Jebali and his wife are due to appear before a magistrate allegedly for attempting to bribe a prison guard before the end of his lengthy and unfair imprisonment. During a meeting with the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Bechir Tekkari, IFEX-TMG mission members were told that that there are no prisoners in jail whose only crimes are political, a statement which seemed to confirm allegations of fabrication of criminal charges against political dissidents and human rights activists.

The case of Mohammed Abbou is one of a central issue relating to freedom of expression in Tunisia. The manner by which Abbou was arrested, tried and imprisoned only reveals the extent to which independent voices across different Tunisian sectors are under attack.

When the lawyer refused to leave he was physically assaulted by police. Expressing their profound fear regarding the integrity of justice in Tunisia and the independence of judges, the Tunisian Magistrate Association published a statement Suu kyi domd till husarrest such behaviour, an action they continue to pay a high price for. He was sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment. The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Bechir Tekkari, explained that the alleged violence against a female attorney was the main reason for his imprisonment.

The appeals court confirmed his prison sentence on 10 June following another trial, described as unfair by local and international human rights groups and Tunis-based Western diplomats. Despite the fact that the Minister of Justice and Human Rights has insisted that Tunisian laws allow criticism in the presence of evidence, Suu kyi domd till husarrest lawyers submitted official documents proving the practice of torture in Tunisian prisons, they were not registered or recognised by the Judge.

Members of the mission were told by witnesses that she was sent to provoke him during a meeting of young lawyers. She reportedly grabbed his shirt tearing the buttons off. Understandably, he pushed her away. In addition, members of the mission find highly disputable the fact that it took the authorities, according to Minister Tekkari, three years to build a case of physical assault.

Abbou is currently imprisoned in the city of Le Kef, km southwest of the capital, Tunis, near the Tunisian-Algerian border. Such requests have fallen on deaf ears. The drive is three hours long and in winter the roads can be very risky. There have been several reports of Suu kyi domd till husarrest Abbou being harassed by traffic police on her travels to Le Kef.

daily . daily never Burmas oppositionsledare Aung San Suu Kyi döms till 18 månaders husarrest uppger myndigheterna enligt AFP. Aung San Suu Kyi dömdes på tisdagen till 18 månaders ytterligare husarrest för att ha tagit emot besök av en amerikan i strid mot reglerna för.