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Black sabbath med sprall i benen


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We call it the ancient language of Cornwall, but in reality the remains are those which were once spoken far beyond the limits of the most westerly county of England. A language only recently extinct, and dating from almost unknown time. Black sabbath med sprall i benen the time of Herodotus, we find the Celts in Spain ; and Switzerland, the Tyrol, and the country south of the Danube, have onee been seats of Celtic tribes.

A Celtic Black sabbath med sprall i benen settled in Asia, and founded Galatia, where the language spoken at the time of St. Jerome was still that of the Gauls. In their attempts, however, to recommend their own language to the attention of the English, both themselves and their successors were for several generations unsuccessful. The Saxon prevailed in everjr part of England excepting Devonshire and Cornwall. In Devon indeed, it became fashionable among the superior orders of the people, though the inferior classes adhered firmly to their old verna- cular tongue.

Not that the Comu-British was abandoned by every Devonian of rank or education. It was certainly spoken in Devonshire by persons of distinction, long after the present period. At length the language of the Cornish Celts was heaten back towards the extreme west where it has ceased to be spoken almost within living memory. There were many causes tending to hasten the time when the old tongue would become extinct, and writers of Cornish history, although agreeing in general statements, differ from each other in some particulars.

About the time of the Eeformation a fatal blow was given, when the Cornish language was disused in the services of the Church. How this was done is variously stated. Hist, of Cornwall, p. By this means, and the gentry mixing gradually with the English, the Cornish language lost ground, in proportion as it lay nearep to Devon.

Cathedral of Cornwall, vol. Borlase avers ; but, as the case shews Black sabbath med sprall i benen plainly to be, forced upon the Cornish by the tyranny of England, at a time when the English language was yet unknown in Cornwall.

Black sabbath med sprall i benen act of tyranny was at once gross barbarity to the Cornish people, and a death blow to the Cornish lan- guage.

Whitaker says, " that had the Black sabbath med sprall i benen been translated into Cornish as it was in Welsh, the Cornish language would have been preserved to the present moment.

Another version is given in Lake's Parochial History of Cornwall vol. He was governor of St. Michael's Mount, and a man of some military reputation. And so we Comishmen, whereof certain of us understand no English, utterly refuse this. It was in Menheniot church that the English service was first used, abont Moreman who was the Yicar, was the first minister who taught his parishioners the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Commandments, in English.

It is evident in thus teaching the parishioners English, about the yearat Menheniot, and not far from the Tamar, that Cornish was then the common speech in use among the people of that district.

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The English service, though first used in Menheniot church, was not universally read in the Cornish churches. William Jackman, then vicar thereof. Chaplain of Pendennis Castle, at the seige thereof by the parliament army, was forced for divers years to administer the sacrament to the communicants in the Cornish tongue, because the aged people did not well understand the English, as he himself says Halshas often told me.

So late as 1the Cornish language was currently spoken in the parishes of Paul and St. Just ; the fish- women and market-women in the former, and the tinners in the latter, for Black sabbath med sprall i benen most part conversing in their old vernacular tongue. Robinson, rector of Landwednack preached a sermon to his parishioners in the Cornish language only. But Cornish was not yet extinct, as the following statement will prove. Lhuyd, who has done so much for ancient Conish, gives us in his learned work the ArchsBologia Britannica, p.

The spelling of the names of places is here given as he wrote them. Writing about the year Lhuyd informs us that, " the places in Cornwall that at this day retain the ancient language are the parishes of St. Paul, Burrian, Sunnin, St. Eevem's near the Lizard point.


The Black sabbath med sprall i benen name of Dolly Pentreath reminds us that we have reached a period when the old language was all but quitp dead. A good deal of doubt has been created respecting the truth of the tales about Dolly Pentreath. I will only say that I obtained, in the summer ofvaluable, and reliable information from Mr. Bernard Yicter, of Moushole, near Penzance. The main facts, as 1 believe them to be, are these, viz: Digitized by Google iv.

That Cornish was known to some after Dolly died, is proved by the epitaph written in the old language, and never, so far as is known, placed on Dolly's grave about the time of her burial. From the foregoing sketch we may Black sabbath med sprall i benen how surely, if slowly, the ancient language became extinct. Even now, some remains of the old tongue are remembered quite apart from books.

In the Cornishman a newspaper published in Tenzancethere were inlists of old Cornish words, one by Mr. Bernard Victor above mentioned, and another by Mr. Each list contained about words which each gentlemen had orally learnt. I alluded, in a previous page, to the interesting treatise by Mr.

The following is a summary account of the causes which, according to Scaweu, brought to an end the use of ancient Cornish: The custom of the Druids to depend on memory only, and rarely on writings. The great loss to us of Armorica Brittanywhose people were so closely allied to us by race and language, and the decreasing of the mutual interchanges between that country and Cornwall. The loss of the old stories and traditions of the Ancient Cornish. The loss of ancient records '' which some aflirm were Black sabbath med sprall i benen, and otherb lost in the ancient ruins, as of Bestormal, and other castles.

The near vicinity to Devon, and the Saxons, whose influence extended to tjie west and corrupted the language. The coining in of all sorts of strangers upon us. Not having the church service continued in the ancient tongue, as it was in Wales. At present we behold its mighty shadow in the pages of our history, and even this is gradually disappearing. The only scattered remnants which have sur- vived its oral existence, may be found in those provincial phrases, and local names for which Cornwall is so peculiarly remarkable.

Each edition has a Cornish-English Vocabulary which contains about Cornish words. Edward Lhuyd who has published a Grammar of the Cornish, and therein preserved the Elements of this Language, which had otherwise wholly perished with him, and his friend Mr.

John Keigwyn, who was indeed Mr. Keigwyn ; and Mr. Lhuyd thought, about seven hundred years old. InWilliam Pryce, M. In the Appendix to this book will be found Prince Napoleon's letter in which Pryce is called a " plagiate. The Vocabulary in Pryco's book contains about words. The other contents will be noticed further on under the heading '' Minor Remains.

Davies Gilbert caused to be published the Cornish Drama, called "Mount Calvary," but it was issued so abounding in typograhical errors as to be all but useless.

In the yeara corrected copy "under the care of a most able scholar," Mr. Soul of Christmas (illustrator); “Everybody Loves Saturday Night,” Follett Song . Black sabbath med sprall i benen, DOROTHY ELEASE Medical illustrator, muralist, printmaker. NY; Joseph H. Hirsh- horn Collection; Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H.

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