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Tre dagar i engelska skolan


We have worked hard. We have learned more about our world. We have learned more about societal change. We have learned Tre dagar i engelska skolan about cause and effect. We have learned more about ourselves. A year of growth, change, progress, and memories not soon forgotten lie behind us and we turn our sights to what is ahead: Graduation this year is set for the 10th of June. The graduation ceremony for the Junior School is scheduled from 8: The ceremony will be held outside on the school grounds and all friends and family are welcome to attend.

Students are to report to their mentors in the mentor rooms after the graduation is finished so they can pick up their grades. We are all looking forward to this momentous occasion with excitement! We welcomed the beginning of June with an amazing Fashion Show and Art Exhibit, during which many students from all age groups got a chance to display their talent, and let me tell you - We have some great talent at IESB!

This show was phenomenal and was a real treat for both students and teachers to enjoy. Here are a couple of great shots from this event: The students also recently participated in our yearly Sports Days, and while there was a lot of competition, the team spirit was high!

Long jump, relays, intervals, high jump and more - There was plenty of opportunity for students and staff to show off their speed, skill and strength. Great job, students and staff! In the last few days of school, it is a time for fun, a time to bond, and a time to reflect. I have enjoyed another year as principal of IES Bromma.

I am proud for the part I had in building its strong foundation and making it the great school that "Tre dagar i engelska skolan" is today and am confident that IES Bromma will continue to be a bright and beautiful school. April showers bring May flowers. We have had our fair share of light spring rain showers and are really seeing the positive effects they bring with them once you add in the Tre dagar i engelska skolan bouts of sunshine that always follow.

The rainbow of colorful flowers that are in full bloom can be seen along the roadside, in the meadows and parks, and in our own gardens. Tre dagar i engelska skolan is here to stay!

We are all supporting each other and working together to ensure that each IESB student feels equipped and encouraged to make the most out of their final weeks of the school term. We have many fun events planned in the weeks ahead to which both students and staff members are looking forward.

We always look forward to days like these with eager anticipation, as it is during these special events that each student has the opportunity to display their personal giftings and really shine. Grades are soon to be set, so students will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, reflect on all of their accomplishments both big and small over the past school term, and enjoy all the special days we have planned for them.

We still have a few weeks left to go before we leave for the summer, so we plan on making the most of that time to be sure that everyone has the most fulfilling conclusion to their school year at IESB. As I sit at my desk writing this letter, I can hear the dribble of basketballs on the court and the sound of happy children out playing in the schoolyard - Spring has arrived, and it has brought the sunshine with it!

Spring brings with it a special sort of energy and excitement, and we can definitely see the difference that makes in the school corridors and in the classrooms.

I am excited to share with you some of the many exciting things we have planned over the next weeks here at IESB. After returning from Easter break, the race to the finish line started with a bang! School dress-up days, special concerts, focused subject themes in the classrooms, and who can forget National Tests? The school Commencement Ceremony will be here before we know it, and then everyone is off for a relaxing summer.

Everyone hold on to your hats! On Tuesday we held our schoolwide Eurovision song contest. The Modern Language department did a great job putting on the song contest. Ida A won the French portion of the evening singing Je Vole. For the winning German song, Louise A took the honor with Halt dich an mir fest.

National testing season Tre dagar i engelska skolan now in full swing as our Year 6 and Year 9 students prepare for standardized subject testing in Math, Science, English, Modern Languages, and Social Science. This can be an intense period of time, but our students and instructors always take the extra pressure in stride and our average testing results can certainly speak for themselves - We consistently work together as a stellar team!

The last three days of...

As always, I wish you a pleasant week and a great month. Herko has arduously worked with bringing awareness of genocide and the Holocaust in particular, with his students, including organizing theme days on Genocide for the Year 9 students.

day-challenge är resultatet av ett...

Sarajevo It is a tradition at IESB to have a fundraiser each year where the money goes to support organisations that help children in other countries.

We have been supporting SOS Children's villages for several years now. In an assembly during week 6, the 2 girls shared their experiences and the importance of supporting Tre dagar i engelska skolan organisation. This year's annual fundraiser will take place on April 29 and all the money raised will go to the SOS Children's village in Sarajevo. The IESB contributions help rebuild this area after a time of war and works at helping families stay together despite the great economic challenges.

Our students participated in activities that included skiing, swimming, judo, handball, ice skating, indoor football, table tennis, badminton, bowling, parkour, basketball, Parkour curling, rock climbing and visiting the sports museum. The day was a big success and our students enjoyed a day filled with exercise and fun.

For the month of February, the students and staff of IESB are actively engaged in promoting a positive, friendly and caring environment. This is the case all through the year, but this month, especially, we are taking it to a new level by designating February as 'Friendship February'. Our goal is that students and staff are more aware of each other and help each other in small ways such as opening doors for others or picking something up that has been dropped or saying hi and smiling as we pass people in the hallways.

These are things we practice on a daily basis at IESB, but have just increased the awareness and activity. We have had some outstanding assemblies over the past few weeks. We have seen students display their passions in music and dance and share their passions of helping others.

We have a fantastic student body at IESB and are very proud to have each and every student. Sportslov is just around the corner, so we have a couple of weeks left of hard work before a much deserved Tre dagar i engelska skolan for all. We had a fabulous avslutning at the end of the term last year. Now we are refreshed from our holiday time off and ready to start this year. For the staff, the new year began with two days of inservice.

The two days were filled with inspiring and informative workshops, and everyone is full of energy and excited in beginning this new term. I wish you all a warm welcome back to a new school term with great excitement and anticipation! Although the summer season seems to be bidding us goodbye, the season of new beginnings has begun here at IESB and we are so glad you have joined us for the school year.

I am confident that there are many great memories waiting to be made. We are now in the third full week of school, and everything on campus is in full swing. With new students in Year 4, and many new bright and smiling teachers, it is promising to be a wonderful year. In the first week of school, our students invaded the school yards, as well as the outlying Bromma area and Stockholm inner city as they participated in team-building activities carefully designed by their new mentors to help the year groups bond and rev up for the coming year.

Our goal for these year group days was to help the students ease into their new classes and new routines, and we certainly accomplished it! Tre dagar i engelska skolan

Internationella Engelska Skolan is today...

Looking forward to the fall, the school schedule is of Tre dagar i engelska skolan full of homework, classwork, and tests, but it is also packed with all sorts of events aimed to inspire, motivate, and recharge our students so they get the most out of their time here with us at IESB.

While this is the beginning year for some students and the final year for others, it is an altogether momentous year to be a part of this wonderful school, and I am excited to see what the school year has in store for us.

Skip to main content. Hem Tagged with "From the Principal" From the Principal Grades are set. Marietta Kindberg, Principal until 30th of June. Herko Rainy days and a few with snow, but it feels like spring may come early this year. Much has happened in such a short time since the start of the year. We welcomed the students back on Monday, January 11, and it was a great week!

The Canada Exchange students have returned and will be presenting what they learnt from their travels to everyone shortly. Dear students, parents and staff at IES Bromma I wish you all a fantastic, sunny Tre dagar i engelska skolan restful holiday and look forward to seeing you again in August!

Summer greetingsMs. Därför syftar mejlet till er till att ha en annan konversation om skolan och dagens Junior Club: Öppet som vanligt alla tre choice-dagar. Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level (Grundskolan) in Sweden.

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